Managed Application Services

Introducing MAS

Experience a revolution with our cutting-edge MAS cloud application platform. MAS gives you full app customization capabilities, tailored to fit your exact business needs. Get rid of rigid systems and implement a solution that evolves with you.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

MAS saves developers valuable time. Developers no longer have to code for cloud security, APIs, databases, and much more. With MAS’s plug-and-play functionality and code generation features, you can build apps to your specific needs. You will benefit from skipping months, or even years, of developer code time. Embrace the freedom to focus on innovation and growth. Enjoy quicker speed to market and gain a competitive edge like never before.

Eliminate Risk

MAS doesn’t use proprietary technology within your apps. Rather, it generates code for you that can be maintained by any developer. Not only does MAS save you time and help you build higher-quality applications, you also won’t get locked into proprietary technology that can turn into an albatross down the road.

Secure Your Apps

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella points out, “Security is the most pressing issue of our time,” and we couldn’t agree more. Securing cloud apps requires a multi-layered defense, and MAS rises to the challenge. MAS comes fortified with 9 layers of built-in security, providing instant protection for your applications and data. We’ve got you covered from industry-standard multi-factor authentication to document and application security. Rest easy knowing your apps are secure, whether you’re at the office or on the go.

Use Microsoft’s Proven Technology For Speed and Reliability

MAS is built for the Microsoft cloud, utilizing the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technology to light up Blazor Web and Windows desktop apps, generate C# and SQL Server code, and generate secure APIs for cloud apps built with Microsoft’s .Net Core and Web API technology. What’s more, our built-in ERM tools handle the most complex data and security scenarios that typically must be coded by developers, saving you time and money. That is why Microsoft recommends companies utilize an ERM tool when building new cloud applications.